专注UV LED紫外光点光源、线光源和面光源的开发应用,技术力量雄厚的生产厂家!TEL:0755-84661199 




          杜莎科技DUSA(DUrable&SAving)。用心生产耐用、省事省力的产品,点亮世界。是我们的企业宗旨。作为后起之秀的UV LED紫外光点光源、线光源和面光源生产厂家杜莎科技主要致力于大功率工矿灯和UVLED光源固化领域。我们与北京理工大学和武汉理工大学均有合作和共同开发,现在拥有十多项外观专利和实用新型专利权,拥有自主设计的十多套私模产品。本公司优势是优化散热设计、光学模拟分析和运用多种特殊处理工艺达到最佳的冷却效果。我们与封装行业最丰富的经验和前沿技术的企业保持密切的联系,保持LED应用领域的最前沿。推广应用耐用、省事省力的LED应用产品需要大家共同的努力,我们愿与国内外各界同仁志士竭诚合作,共同为节能环保的事业贡献力量!
         Founded in July 2008, DUSA Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional LED lighting manufacturer with ISO9001:2008 standard, with more than 2000 square meters and over 100 staffs.
        DUSA control the product quality from the very beginning--choosing the best raw material, including LED chips, Driver components, Aluminum Housing, etc. For example, Samsung SMD5630, Japan Rubycon Capacitor, USA IC, etc. We believe the best quality is made by the best raw material.
         Furthermore, DUSA has equipped with lots of LED machines to ensure the quality of our product, like automatic SMT (Surface Mount System) machine, PCB cutting machines, Aging-test Machine, Integrating Sphere Test Machine, etc. With these equipment, DUSA can fully control the high quality standard of our products and . For example, 90% of Chinese LED factory don’t have SMT(Surface Mount System) machines. Instead, they outsource this chips SMD service to other factory. As a result, they can not control the mounting result and fail to make sure the product quality from the very beginning process. During the production process, DUSA has strict quality control system of production, from incoming quality inspection, process inspection, outgoing quality control. We take quality as company’s life and want to win customer’s 100% satisfaction by our attitude.
         DUSA appreciates any chances for a cooperation! Welcome to contact us!